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We’re celebrating our Birthday!

HILO-HAMAKUA-KOHALA COUNTY FARM BUREAUS host the Kino’ole Farmers’ Market every week at 1990 Kinoole St. in Hilo, Hawaii from 6:30 am to Noon…Featuring 100% Hawaiian Grown Farm Fresh local products…Ono!

Some of you remember our first Market in August 2007! Wow has it been that long!

Every August since, we have celebrated bringing you locally grown and prepared food and plants and many of your friends and neighbors on Saturday mornings. This year during August, we have 3 exciting demos on the 10th, 17th, and 24 that 8 AM….. SIGN UP for drawings for products from 23 vendors, nearly 100 chances to win!.

How can you win great amazing unique and locally born, grown and made products from Hawaii..It’s simple really it is…Promise!

  1. Show up any Saturday this entire month and enter to win at the Market information tent!
  2. Sign up for our newsletter here.

Note: Our prizes are delivered to the market site open Saturday if you’re not able to come pick up your prize we can arrange for shipping on some items; not all items are exportable from Hawaii at shipping cost to the winner.

Then on Saturday the 24th, we will have  Anniversary treats. And of course, everywhere, the really fresh local fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers, and food products that make our market unique to East Hawaii. 

At 9 AM, we will have another presentation on the art of Chi Gong or
Qi Gong, a Chinese exercise meditation. Tai Chi is evolved from Chi Gong. Chi Gong means, literally, “Breath Work”. Myrtle Miyamura and instructor Jonathan learned this art in China and will be sharing. Regular and new participants welcome!

Cyrus's Green Onions "Beautiful"

Come and join us at “‘Sweet Paradise” where we Have home backed goodies for the entire family. Cori Oda the owner of Sweet Paradise puts a lot of TLC into creating our delicious chocolate-almond granola, layered shortbreads, multi flavored chex mixes, cookies, cake pops, and our refreshing lilikoi lemonade. See you on Saturday at “Sweet Paradise”!!

Cyrus’s farm will be featuring his Korean cucumber this week. You will enjoy this Tasty, Crispy cuke. Also, he will be featuring his fresh Orange and Purple Sweet Potatoes.

Jon’s Greenpoint Nursery will have a special on Red Leilani Anthuriums bunches. One for $3 or 2 for $5.

Neal’s Pacific Paradise will have special on grow your own Dwarf Tomato starts. These are already in flower. Only $5 each or 2 for $ 9.

Also this week, Mature Kale. Healthy and good for juice, they are $3.50 or 2 for $6

Ivane’s Big Island Taro Chips and Farm will feature her Sake Kasu Daikon and Cucumber pickles. Also, New crop bitter melons will be available. This week look for new vendor Tom and his Hawaii Pineapple tent. Not only fresh pineapples, and delicious packaged pineapple slices, but local grown Chocolate treats!

Carlos Tadeo’s farm will have a special on his new crop of Okra this week. Only $1.50 or 2 for 2.50!

Jenny’s Kapoho Grown will be featuring her super sweet Fresh Longan. Also this week, Kapoho Avocados. Sunred or Rainbow will be, only 3 for $1. And look for great prices on her Orchids.

And much more!!

2 Reasons Why should you shop at the Kinoole Farmers Market every Saturday

I could bore you with endless reasons of why shopping local supports our local economy…our farmers…

Buy Local & Buy Fresh Hawaii

We provide you with freshest farm picked fruit and vegetables in Hilo, Hawaii….

Instead…I will give you 2 reasons!

  1. We Know our Farmers and vendors.…All of the fruit, produce, vegetables and products our vendors offer are “Grown in Hawaii” and actually they are all bringing products Grown on the big Island….There is no imported goods allowed; unlike other local farmers markets. All of the Farmers Markets in Hawaii that are sanctioned, supported and endorsed by the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation enforce a strict policy of Hawaii Grown….No imports allowed!
  2. As if #1 didn’t convince you…It’s plain fun at our market, its not just a trip to the supermarket its a trip to a farm, a store and a community. Your part of the event and our event occurs every Saturday morning from 6:30 am till Noon….



The Amazing Hawaiian Papaya….

The Amazing Hawaiian Papaya….

Yes we’re different, we taste better…we’re proud to be Hawaiian, 100% born and raised in the Islands! We flourish in the volcanic soil of the Big Island, the trade winds blowing our leaves. Now that you have discovered our beauty what should you do with us…hmmm

We taste the very best when eaten farm fresh, sliced open, seeds left for composting in the roadside and sliced, peel and all…Now Eat us….For more detailed instructions see our Hawaiian Papaya tips below!

Fruit selection and ripening details available from the Hawaii Papaya Association

Papaya Ripeness Stages

How to cut, eat or dice me:..Halve the papaya lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Depending on how ripe the papaya is, you may be able to eat it with a spoon, straight out of the peel. Or set the halves, cut side down, on the cutting board and peel away the skin. Slice or dice each half. You can also cut off the ends, then stand it upright and use your knife and run the knife down the sides peeling the skin away. Then cut in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.

Cooking Tips for Papayas…

Cut in papaya half, sprinkle with lime or lemon juice, port or rum, and a sprinkling of sugar for a quick, fresh fruit dessert.

When adding papaya to fruit salads, add it at the last minute so its enzymes will not soften the other fruits.

If your want to use the fruit alone then peel it first, then seed and slice.

When I am still green I can be cooked with chicken or in other hot dishes,  just  like a starchy vegetable.

Now when I get overripe, just cut me up and freeze me in a ziplock bag or puree me and freeze me for smoothies and sauces;  Desserts, cakes,  ice cream and pancakes are great choices!

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