How to be a Vendor


Hilo, Hamakua, and Kohala Farm Bureaus and the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation (HFBF) are the sponsor of open farmers’ markets for Hawaii grown and produced food products. The principal goal of HFBF Farmers’ Markets is to support agriculture in Hawaii by providing a venue for farmers in the state of Hawaii to sell Hawaii grown food products and flowers.  The following rules will guide the operation of the market:

The owner of the business is herein referred to as the vendor.

  • Absolutely no mainland, Imported or Foreign produce or flowers will be allowed for sale.
  • A vendor who sells products from other farmers should have documentation (invoice, bill of sale) that these items were bought from another Hawaii farmer.  The vendor should also be familiar with the name, location, farm practices and other information pertinent to the farmers they represent.  Proof of Hawaii origin should be available to market management upon request.
  • Farmers, the actual growers, will always be given preference over other vendors in the market.  This preference will apply to participation in the markets as well as positioning in the markets.
  • A vendor that produces ready to eat food products must adhere to the “made in Hawaii” policy.  All processed, value added food products must be made in Hawaii in a certified commercial kitchen.  As the goal of the market is to promote Hawaii agriculture, Hawaii grown ingredients should be incorporated into the product whenever possible; the greater the percentage of Hawaii grown ingredients used in ready to eat food products may determine a vendor’s participation in the markets.  Non-edible products based on locally grown agricultural products are permitted for sale as long as it is not the primary item sold by a vendor.  For example, goat’s milk soap, wreaths or decorated gourds.  Edible products will always have priority.
  • A vendor may sell items with their company logo (t-shirts, aprons, caps) as long as these are not the primary items for sale in a vendor’s booth.  All other non-edible products are not allowed in the market for sale.
  • A vendor selling beverages shall adhere to the “Made in Hawaii” theme.  This applies to soft drinks, bottled water, tea, coffee and other items sold in the market.
  • A vendor providing prepared foods in the farmers’ market should, whenever possible, use locally grown products–eggs, meats, fruits, juices, vegetables–in menus.
  • When space in the markets is at a premium, priority will always be given to farmers.
  • Competitive vendors will be allowed into the market at the discretion of the Market Manager and on a space available basis.


Consistency and customer service are essential for the success of the farmers’ market.  A vendor who participates in the farmers’ market must make a 6-week commitment and be present at the market each week of that 6-week period. After the first 6 weeks, vendors will be asked to make an additional 3 month commitment.  Vendors must understand that the farmers’ market exists to not only sell Hawaii grown food products and flowers, but to promote the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation’s message to “buy locally grown.”  If the vendor is unable to make this weekly commitment, it is required that a well-trained manager be available to talk to customers about the vendor’s farm, ranch and products.  The vendor must be present a minimum of once a month.

With prior approval from market management, a vendor may modify the monthly schedule.  For example, once a month, every other week, the first and third week of each month, etc.  It is required that the vendor be present at the farmers’ market on their scheduled day.  The vendor is required to be present a minimum of once a month.


Absences due to illness, injury, death, personal family matters that affect one’s ability to supply produce or product and manpower for the booth, equipment failure, lack of produce or product due to weather or other natural or man-made calamity need to be reported to the Market Manager as soon as possible and will be considered an excused absence with no penalty.

An unexcused absence occurs when a vendor does not show up for the market on the scheduled day and provides no prior notification to market management.  This “no show” is very disruptive to market operations and has a negative impact on good customer relations.  The penalty for an unexcused absence will be the forfeiture of or assessment of the fee for that day.

Should a vendor have two (2) unexcused absences, the vendor will be advised that upon the third unexcused absence, the vendor will forfeit the booth and must reapply to the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and be placed on the waiting list.

In the event of an excused or unexcused absence, the Market Manager may fill the vacant booth with a temporary vendor from the current pool of vendors or a vendor on a trial basis.

Excused absences of extended periods severely compromise the farmers’ market’s ability to provide a year around showcase for locally grown and locally manufactured products.  The Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation also recognizes that all current and former vendors are important to the continued success of the farmers’ market.  Extended absences and re-entry into the market will be at the discretion of the market manager.


Setup begins at 6:00 a.m., 1  hour before the opening of the market.  A horn blast will signal the start of the market at 7 a.m. and all vendors are asked to observe the starting time.


Vendors must provide their own tables, tents and equipment. Tents shall be no longer than 10×12 feet and should be set up with weights on each post to keep tents stable in the wind. Care shall be taken that the weights are not a trip and fall hazard. Vendor areas are expected to remain neat, clean, and appealing. Restaurants and others serving food will be responsible for their own equipment. Please have your own cash box with appropriate change, scales if necessary and any other equipment you may require.


Spaces are assigned by the Market Manager and are determined by the type of products being sold. A regular vendor is generally assigned the same space each week.


A Vendor’s vehicle  may be parked adjacent to their booths, in a designated location, for easy access to inventory, but should keep in mind that if an early departure  is planned, they should park  elsewhere, where there is sufficient access. All vehicles should be in there proper place at least 30 minutes before opening time (6:30am).


The weekly space fee is $26 for members of Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation.  A non-member may participate on a temporary basis for $50 a week at the discretion of the market manager.

Monthly prepayments are required.  Payments must be made by the first Saturday of each month. The fee covers the cost of the site and administration of the market by the Hawaii Farm Bureau.  Receipt of the fee secures your space at the market. Cash, check or credit card payments are acceptable for all fees.  Checks should be made payable to the Kinoole Farmer’s Market.  All prepayments must be for the upcoming month and received by the first market day of the month.


All vendors must be a full voting member of the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation.  A full voting member has voting rights within their county organizations.  Full voting members–including vendors–are not involved in the operations of the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and the farmers’ markets.  Membership fees are renewed each September and are prorated throughout the year.  The current membership fee is $90 per year, plus a county assessment that varies.  Please ask for a membership application.


Vendors, who have prepaid for space and cancel by Tuesday noon, will not incur a penalty. Cancellations after Tuesday noon will be assessed a $26 fee at the discretion of the Market Manager.

If a circumstance arises where the market needs to be cancelled, such as inclement weather, market management will announce a scheduled cancellation.  Vendors will be given the information as soon as it is available and vendors will incur no fee.


All vendors must have the following documents on file with the Hawaii Farm Bureau at least 10 days prior to attendance at the market:

  • Copy of State general excise tax license.
  • Signed waiver releasing the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation of any liability (form provided)

Each vendor should have their own liability policy covering the sale of their products with a minimum of $1million coverage per occurrence and should provide Kinoole Farmers’ Market with a proof of insurance certificate. If the vendor is not a member of HFBF, they need to name Hilo, Hamakua, and Kohala Farm Bureaus as an additional insured; the vendor may incur a fee for this service.


In addition to the Business Documents listed above, vendors cooking and serving food, including farmers who are sampling their products to customers, must adhere to all health rules and prepare their foods in a certified commercial kitchen.  Food vendors must also have the following:

  • Temporary Food Establishment Permit obtained from the Sanitation Branch of the State Department of Health.  Every vendor selling a food item should apply and let the department determine the waivers.  Applications are available from the Farm Bureau office or at the Sanitation Branch.  There is a $25 fee for permits issued; permits are good for 20 events within a 120 day period.  Please have a copy of your permit or waiver with you at the market and a copy should be sent to the Hawaii Farm Bureau office.
  • Food vendors are required to have their own hand washing coolers within their booth.  It should consist of a cooler with a hands free spigot, bucket for catching water, paper towels and soap.  The Hawaii Farm Bureau will supply a cooler for a $5 fee each week; payment may be made with space fees.
  • Food vendors cooking on premise must have a fire extinguisher with them.  It should be a dry chemical extinguisher with an A10BC rating.
  • Food vendors must use propane fired grills and cooking equipment.  Charcoal grills are not allowed.
  • Food vendors cooking with an open flame on site must use a tent made of non-combustible material. No tents made of nylon or other combustible material may be used. Metal roofs or tents treated for fire resistance may be used.


Vendors using scales must have them calibrated and registered with the state. Appropriate documentation should be with you at the market.


Vendors are responsible for their own trash.  Please take your trash with you and clean up your area at the end of the market.


Restrooms are provided in the parking lot on the day of the event.


Please have a sign identifying your farm / company prominently displayed.  Signs for products and prices should be legible and clearly displayed.  All signs referencing farming practices and methods should support the Hawaii Farm Bureau’s policies and shall be approved by the Market Manager.


Agriculture related informational booths that adhere to policies and objectives of the Hawaii Farm Bureau will be allowed to participate in the markets.  Other business, community and non-profit groups are not welcome at this time.

 COMMUNICATION:  A map with space assignments and any information for the upcoming market is faxed or emailed to each vendor on Thursday.

Kinoole Farmers Market Waiver


Kinoole Farmers’ Market

P.O. Box 1630

Kamuela, HI. 96743


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